Thirteenth Joint ACL - ISO Workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation

Montpellier, France, 19 September 2017, in conjunction with IWCS 2017 

isa-13, the Thirteenth Workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation, is the next edition of a series of joint workshops of the ACL Special Interest Group on Computational Semantics (SIGSEM) and ISO TC 37/SC 4 (Language Resources) WG 2: Semantic annotation.

These workshops bring together experts in the annotation of semantic information as expressed in text, speech, gestures, graphics, video, images, and in multiple modalities combined. Examples of semantic annotation include the markup of events, time, space, dialogue acts, discourse relations,  semantic roles, reference relations, and quantification for which the ISO organization pursues the establishment of annotation standards, in order to support the creation of interoperable semantic resources.

Workshop program available now.

See also the most recent previous ISA workshops: 

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Topics for submissions include, but are not limited to:
* methodological aspects of semantic annotation
* experiments in semantic annotation
* comparative studies of annotation schemes
* semantic annotation and ontologies
* evaluation of annotation schemes
* semantic annotation and semantic interpretation
* context-dependence in semantic annotations
* applications of semantic annotation
* integration of semantic annotation and other linguistic annotations
* issues in the annotation of specific domains of semantic information, such as:
. -- events, states, processes, circumstances, facts
. -- relations in discourse and dialogue
. -- time and space
. -- polarity, modality, and factuality
. -- quantification and modification
. -- coreference relations
. -- semantic roles and predicate-argument structures
. -- reference and named entities
* integration of annotations of different domains of semantic annotation
* annotation of cross-domain phenomena such as negation, attribution and sentiment
* levels of granularity in annotation schemes
* cross-domain issues in semantic annotation, such as language- and application-dependence
* best practices in semantic annotation

Three types of submission are invited: 

Research papers, describing original research in the area of semantic annotation; these can be either long (6-8 pages, not including references) or short (3-4 pages, not including references); 

Project notes, describing recent, ongoing or planned projects involving semantic annotation (2-4 pages including references); 

Demonstration notes, accompanying demonstration of software tools to support manual semantic annotation, or systems for automatic semantic annotation (2-4 pages including references),

Submission of papers is through the submission site of the ISA-13 workshop.
For the formatting of submissions please follow the IWCS 2017 Formatting Instructions 

Registration is via the on-line registration site of the IWCS 2017 conference. 

See the IWCS 2017 website. 

Accomodation and travel:
For travel and accommodation information see the IWCS 2017 website.

Important dates

17 July 2017: Deadline for submitting papers
5 August 2017: Notification of acceptance
4 September 2017: Submission of camera-ready papers
19 September 2017:
isa-13 Workshop

Organizing committee

Harry Bunt 

Nancy Ide 

Kiyong Lee 

James Pustejovsky 

Laurent Romary 

Programme committee

Jan Alexandersson 

Harry Bunt (chair) 

Nicoletta Calzolari 

Robin Cooper

Thierry Declerck 

Liesbeth Degand 

Alex Fang 

Robert Gaizauskas 

Koiti Hasida 

Elisabetta Jezek 

Michael Kipp 

Kiyong Lee 

Philippe Muller 

Malvina Nissim 

Silvia Pareti

Volha Petukhova 

Paola Pietrandrea 

Andrei Popescu-Belis 

Rashmi Prasad

James Pustejovsky 

Laurent Romary 

Ted Sanders 

Manfred Stede 

Matthew Stone

Thorsten Trippel 

Piek Vossen 

Annie Zaenen 

Sandrine Zufferey 

More information

For any questions contact the workshop chair at harry.bunt AT uvt DOT nl.